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SAVE Bucks Votes

Getting the Best Voting System We Deserve

Who We Are--Our Roots

Over a decade ago, Bucks County commissioners were faced with an important decision: which voting system should be purchased to replace our old lever voting machines? A band of concerned citizens formed the Coalition for Voting Integrity (CVI) to advocate for a voter-verifiable, paper-based system, knowing that was the only reasonable choice.

After a long campaign to educate everyone of the importance of making the best choice, the public embraced the concept.  Unbelievably, a majority of the commissioners did not and chose the unverifiable voting system. A push to correct their obvious mistake and switch to an optical scan system continued for years afterward, to no avail.

A Mission Reborn

Now, in light of alarming headlines and a new awareness about how vulnerable our elections are, a couple of former CVI members decided it was time to renew the fight. SAVE (Secure, Accurate, Verifiable Elections) Bucks Votes, Inc. was formed in early 2017.  We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit group of passionate citizens with an urgent mission, that of getting the best voting system we deserve, no excuses.

Here is what we deeply believe.

Bucks County voters deserve to be as sure as possible that our votes are counted as we intend and that our elections are as secure as possible.  We know what we need--a different way to conduct our elections, on a voter-verified, paper-based voting system backed up with proper audits.  The how to get that is the mission of SAVE Bucks Votes, and we need your help.

The core of our mission is education--getting our message out to every single voter in our county. Everyone we talk to, of every political persuasion and walks of life, grasps the message itself because it’s easy to understand. Getting a large public awareness of our problem can put pressure on our commissioners and other elected officials with the power to change our voting system.

Educate,  Advocate,  but Accept No Excuses

The not-inconsiderable challenge of getting funding for our new system is one we know about, and we can contact local, state, and federal officials to work on that.  But while part of our mission is to be fully informed on all aspects of this and other challenges, ultimately the responsibility resides with the Bucks County commissioners.

Election officials and legislators should be made cognizant that the    security of our elections, the essential foundation of a democracy, needs to be their #1 priority.  They need to find a way to do the right thing,        NO EXCUSES.

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