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Because we're passionate about this issue--which you must realize if you've gotten this far---we're  excited for people like you to join us. To reach our goal of making our elections more secure and provably accurate takes lots of effort, in a uniquely satisfying way.


And, yes, it takes money to spread our message---to print marketing materials, rent venues for meetings and presentations, handle our website, and take care of nonprofit businesstax-deductible if you itemize deductions!). We're asking for your help because, frankly, our initial founding funds from original members is not enough to grow our outreach effectively. We don't want to run out of steam when we really need it--help us keep up the momentum!

All donations go directly for expenses; we are an all-volunteer nonprofit. Please know that helping with a donation of any size now will be ultimately helping all of us in Bucks County. And make you a very important member of our SAVE Bucks Votes family of election activists. Thanks so much!

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