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Bucks County Needs Secure,
to Protect Your Vote!

Now Has

They chose Clear Ballot's voter-hand-marked system!

You can read about this system on The Solution page!

Bucks County Board of Elections recommends hand-marked

voting system for 2020

We are so happy that Commissioners Diane Ellis-Marseglia and Rob Loughery voted to get a hand-marked voting system, which is considered

the GOLD STANDARD by cybersecurity and election experts!

We extend our sincere thanks for this choice.

The Solution page has everything  you'd want to know about our new Clear Ballot voting system:


A detailed description and a link to a short video to explain what to expect when voting on our hand-marked, paper ballot system (Hint: it's easy!)


Links to Clear Ballot's website


A comparison chart showing how and why the Clear Ballot system offers more advantages and none of the concerns of the competing systems from other vendors

ClearCast scanner

ClearCast Image 4.png
ClearAccess Image 4_0.png

Accessible ClearAccess ballot-marking device (BMD)

Click pictures for videos on how to use


Commentary about local  voting issues will be here soon.


In the meantime, check out these interactive maps over at Verified Voting to see what the rest of the country has for their voting systems!  Good news -- about 93% of the country now uses paper ballot systems, although not all are hand-marked like ours. Experts are not as thrilled with the machine-marked paper ballot systems but they're better than those old DRE/computer systems. Look at the unfortunate situation in Louisiana!

For valuable information about registering to vote, ways and where to vote and much more, visit the Bucks County Board of Elections website.

Our county always needs more poll workers! You can work half or full days -- please consider joining others who give back to our communities a few days each year! To learn more or sign up to work at the polls, please contact the Bucks County Board of Elections!

Become a Poll Worker.jpg

More information can also be found at PA's Department of State website:

  • Registering to vote -- how-to, deadlines, and updating

  • Absentee and Mail-in voting -- applying, deadlines, differences between the two

  • More Bucks County specific information

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If you're new to this issue and are wondering why we had to update our voting systems, continue reading below and explore our site via the tabs at top of page. 

Bucks County citizens have a big problem.

Did you know that the voting system we currently use (pre-2020) in Bucks County can't conduct  provably   Secure, Accurate, Verifiable Elections?
How confident are  you that your vote was counted in our past elections here in Bucks County?

Did you know that the DRE (Direct Record Electronic) voting system we've been using is inherently and fatally flawed? That with this system, there is no possible way to prove our votes are secure, or that electronic results are accurate? That it is literally impossible to conduct meaningful audits and recounts?

Obviously, we citizens don't deserve to live with this problem.*
  (* Hopefully, we won't have to much longer, when election officials follow Gov. Wolf's mandate and if they stick to the Department of State's suggested timeline!)

Cybersecurity experts have a solution.

We need to have a voter-hand-marked paper ballot voting system, one in which each ballot is hand-marked by the voter, digitally and optically scanned, and then kept as a physical record of each vote. This GOLD STANDARD allows our election results to be verified with a robust audit. Cybersecurity, computer, and election experts offer this as the best answer so far to conduct secure, accurate, and verifiable elections.

Of course, so you understand more clearly how this type of system works and why it is what we need, we invite you to learn all about our solution.

SAVE Bucks Votes at a glance.

Here at SAVE Bucks Votes, we are driven by a single goal:      to do our part in making sure Bucks County elections are fair… to ensure your vote is counted.



But my election officials are telling me,

"We don't have to worry--our voting system is totally secure because it's never been connected to the internet!"

This is FALSE.

Absolutely no computer can

be guaranteed secure. 

Become a more informed citizen!

Find out why and how here.

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if you have any questions, want to learn more about our work!

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